November 2015


Some of our regulars wearing their shiny night time collars

It has been a great season with lots of fabulous new dogs as well as my fantastic regulars. I have had so much fun teaching you all. The nights are drawing in and it will be time to pack away the equipment soon.  I am so looking forward to starting again in the spring.
Next year the evening sessions will be running again for regulars and newbies too, as they are so much fun. Great training sessions as well as a social night out, often consisting of cake and more cake. Daytime cake and parties are often thrown too, for peoples’ and doggies’ birthdays!

I look forward to seeing you all again next year.


It has come to my attention that someone has been fraudulently using my name and the Quintor Agility name to further their own business.
Let it be known that Jan Jackson is the sole proprietor of Quintor agility, and is in no way affiliated with any other individual or company.

Jan Jackson
12th August 2014

Puppy Focus and Play classes

Our Puppy Focus and Play classes are going very well.


“Another great night at Focus and Play with Jan. In only one week Em was so much more confident with the equipment and exercises.” – Angie.


First Day Back!

first day back

The first day back after the winter  – it’s so good to be out on the field doing agility again.  I look forward to seeing you all again soon.

Quintor Agility Fun Day

Some of the winners at our fun day

We held our second annual Agility Fun Day on Sunday 16th September 2012.  This event is for beginners and intermediate levels to come along and compete just for fun in a relaxed atmosphere; this gives people a chance to practise in a show environment and to learn what goes on in a proper agility show.  It is also good practice for the dogs in learning to work with distractions and lots of dog and people around.

Everyone had a great time, and cups, rosettes and certificates were given out to the winners and runners up.  Above are some of the winners.

Here are some more pictures from the day:

People with their well-deserved trophies at the end of the day

Everyone wants some of Ed’s pasty, but he’s not sharing